It has been a minute since we last checked in on ye olde website, having been busy finishing the film et all. Which reminds me –– we are in need of some finishing funds quickly to add some movie magic, licensing of incredible footage and audio of Hal, music, and all the glorious things that make a film really, really great. Here is a look at a trailer that is in no way finished, legally sound nor utilizing any unlicensed third-party materials in promotional or fundraising pieces, including without limitation, trailers, crowd-funding campaigns or sizzle reels... but I digress. 

We have some t-shirts for sale -- back by popular demand, we have reprinted the beloved Jess Rotter designed ASHBY t-shirt that was so successful during our limited crowdfunding campaign. We are raising money for post production costs, and wanted to do a reprint in groovy new colors. We are sure Hal would want one of these too. 20 days on this flash sale, get em while they're hot!